주얼리 브랜드 hey.L은 일상생활에서 편안하게 착용할 수 있는 주얼리를 만듭니다. 

몸에 착용하는 작은 조각품으로 예술적인 감성을 표현합니다. 100% Handmade 를 원칙으로 하나하나 제작하여 정성을 보내드립니다. 우아함을 녹인 주얼리로 당신의 개성을 표현할 수 있길 바랍니다.  

Hey.L presents a collection of jewelry through visual and conceptual research emanating from the harmony between artistic sense and daily life. Each Hey.L piece is not just accessory, but a small sculpture that can express the beauty of each person on a special day or any day . The collection radiates the designer's thoughts with sensitivity and intuition. Every piece of Hey.L is meticulously handcrafted to create a collection of quality and state of the art jewelry, filled with elegance and wit. Hey.L proposes to you a special value of yourself.